Leader: Politecnico di Torino

What is the WP1 about?

  • WP1 provides a high-level vision of the possible scenarios for the transition up to 100% RES in the electricity system, with very low or even without traditional inertia
  • WP1 provides the definition of use cases, which are suitable for the studies of the two most important technical problems that need to be solved: the system frequency control and the voltage control.

Which are the goals of the WP1?

  • To provide a vision for future power systems both from the energetic and ICT points of views.
  • To bring high-level description of scenarios which provide fundamental assumptions and boundaries for the studies or field trials of the project.
  • To update the description of the Scenarios under investigation in RESERVE taking into consideration the outputs about frequency and voltage control from the other WPs

How will these goals be reached?

  • Analysis of the Energy, ICT and business-related dimensions, by applying a multidimensional approach in order to define high level Scenarios
  • Analysis of the opportunities for new voltage and frequency control methods into future power systems
  • Analysis of the new requirements related to components, functionalities, ICT and business for implementing the identified high level Scenarios (with the help of SGAM framework).
  • Definition of the use cases for research in frequency and voltage control

How is the work done in WP1 related with the others?

  • Experts from power system engineering, information and informatics, telecommunication, business, law and regulation, as well as system operators are working tightly together to pool their expertise together to achieve such goals
  • Frequent Inter- Work packages teleconferences or physical meetings and workshops have been planned to assure the coherency between the different parts of the project