The role of European citizens in securing the smart grid towards 100% RES

The EU has set an ambitious goal of using at least 32% Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in Europe by 2030. As a result, many new RES, driven by power electronics, will be installed in the grid. This change affects the fundamentals of grid operation and makes a rethink of the basics of grid control and automation necessary. This is the challenge which RESERVE addresses.

Key questions:

  • How to increase energy security and reliability?
  • How to favor greater RES penetration, thus reducing the environmental impact?
  • How to facilitate RES integration in the National and Regional Power Systems, encouraging cost-effective power exchanges in Europe to benefit all citizens?

Policy Recommendations and Future Cooperation towards 100% RES Integration in Europe:

  • What are the policies that Europe wants to promote to fostering RES integration to the electricity grid?
  • How could the stakeholders contribute to their implementation?
  • How does RESERVE intend to address the future challenges?

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Mobilizing the Foundational Economy towards a Renewable and Sustainable Energy Future

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