Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Workshop January, 18th

On 18th of January 2017 the first CSR workshop, hosted by the Chair of Management Accounting, RWTH Aachen University, took place in Aachen. The aim of the workshop was to discuss with the participants the importance of sustainability at the ecological, economic, and social level within of the project RESERVE.

The upcoming substantial new designs of energy systems will result in new business models with a shift in market shares and institutional influence to new or established actors. These changes will substantially concern the environment and society.

Apart from the technical components, these changes are also being investigated in RESERVE. For this reason, the involvement of all project members since the very first beginning is essential to discuss existing concerns and aspects that have to be included in the analysis of the CSR impacts of business models for the energy sector during the course of the project.

The first part of the workshop focused on introducing and explaining the concept of CSR to the participants and to establishing the link between this idea and the RESERVE project.

The second part of the workshop was organized as Word Café conversational process: the participants were actively involved in three discussion groups were the topics "Stakeholders", "Problems in practice" and "CSR Guidelines" were analyzed.

At the end of the session the opinions and views emerging from the various discussions groups were summarized. They will be taken into account during the further course of the project.

In summary, many exciting aspects could be worked out. The workshop was a very good start in the relevant work package “Regulatory, legal issues & business models for RES”. Furthermore, it served as an excellent platform to illustrate the synergies between the different partners and to evolve a holistic picture of the requirements on RESERVE.