RESERVE - smart, safe, sustanaible

To reduce CO2 emissions, consumers and utilities increasingly use renewable power sources, such as solar, wind, and biomass. But utilities face the challenge of maintaining stability of supply from weather-dependent and diverse generation sources. In the RESERVE project will develop and field test new techniques that can enable a stable supply of purely renewable resources.


The RESERVE project will develop and field test new techniques that can enable a stable supply of purely renewable resources.



RESERVE brings together a balanced network of industrial partners, renowed universities and three SMe's. The partners are regionally distributed over 4 European countries.



Congratulations to our project coordinator Dr. Fiona Williams

Fiona Williams was appointed as a Fellow of the Wireless World Research Forum! She got the award for her strong history of establishing and leading collaborative programmes and projects across Europe. 

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First Stakeholder Meeting in Romania

The Romanian Energy Center Association (CRE) organized on Friday, June 23rd, the International Conference "Milestones towards 100% RES for all Europeans" in collaboration with the Consortium partners from the Horizon 2020 Project "RE-SERVE - Renewables in a Stable Electric Grid". This Conference was part of the European Sustainable Energy Week Program - EUSEW 2017.

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BRIDGE - Cooperation group of Smart Grids and Energy Storage H2020 projects

BRIDGE is a European Commission initiative which unites Horizon 2020 Smart Grid and Energy Storage Projects to create a structured view of cross-cutting issues which are encountered in the demonstration projects and may constitute an obstacle to innovation.


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23-24 January 2018

Brussels, Belgium

RESERVE Project Meeting 5

2-day face-to-face meeting of the RESERVE project partners.

25 January 2018

Brussels, Belgium

RESERVE 1st Advisory Board Meeting


Deliveriable D1.1 Scenarios & architectures for 100% RES and roles of sector actors

This deliverable provides an approach for designing energy scenarios characterized by up to 100% of RES penetration in the electricity generation. Considering as starting point the foreseen scenarios for the evolution of energy systems worldwide, we discuss the technical challenges in terms of operation of power systems under high share of RES and the contribution from ICT technology. Using a multidimensional framework we identify 7 different scenarios, which are related to the two main research questions of the project (frequency and voltage stability) and to the two selected use cases (Romania and Ireland contexts).



TRIAL - Ireland

The objective of the trial is to test new techniques for Voltageand system Stability by Design using SERVO.



TRIAL - Romania

In future, assuming a 100 % RES scenario, frequency will have to be managed in a completely different way and is one of the topics of investigation of RESERVE. A new frequency measurement and assessment technology will be demonstrated in a laboratory testing environement.