ETIP SNET_ Working Groups RESERVE Members

The ETIP SNET’s mission is to guide research, development and innovation (RD&I) activities to support Europe's energy transition. The ETIP SNET aims to set-out a vision for research and innovation for smart networks, storage and integrated energy systems and engage stakeholders in this vision. It identifies barriers and solutions to promote innovation, notably related to regulation and funding. The ETIP SNET aims at elaborating a vision and a Roadmap for R&I activities for smart networks, storage and other sources of flexibility, and integrated energy systems, engaging all stakeholders. It also looks at customer participation and the impact of digitisation.

In order to have a wide representation of stakeholders and offer agile and efficient operation of ETIP SNET, the platform is organised as follows:

  • The Governing Board steers the platform where stakeholder associations send representatives
  • Working Groups (WGs) are open for experts to participate and provide input to the Governing Board
  • A National Stakeholders Coordination Group to liaise with various national actors.

The WGs gather experts representing the widest community of stakeholders related to their area of expertise. Experts acting in the Working Groups aim at providing strategic guidance about RD&I priorities and activities, ensuring the interaction and involvement of the entire expertise needs raised by the integration issues of the electricity system into the wider European energy system. Experts contribute to the WG on a voluntary basis and no reimbursement of expenses is foreseen.

Four members of the RESERVE consortium have been selected as experts for three of the five working groups. The 5 active working groups of the ETIP SNET and the RE-SERVE experts members are:

  • WG1: Reliable, economic and efficient smart grid systems (for RE-SERVE J. Sandham, ESB)
  • WG2: Storage technologies and sector interfaces
  • WG3: Flexible generation
  • WG4: Digitisation of the electricity system and customer participation (for RE-SERVE A. Monti, RWTH)
  • WG5: Innovation implementation in the business environment (for RE-SERVE C.Haag, FEN and Paun, CRE)